Cierra Wright-Lee, LAC

Cierra Wright-Lee, LAC

Cierra Wright-Lee is a Licensed Associate Counselor and National Certified Counselor who works with children, adolescents, young adults, and families who have or are currently experiencing trauma.  She also specializes in working with people experiencing anxiety, millennials experiencing career and life transitions, familial and relational issues, and the specialized and unique issues affecting marginalized individuals. Cierra uses an integrative and eclectic approach and believes in meeting people where they are to facilitate the healing process.

Cierra attended and graduated from Rutgers University-Newark and LaSalle University with a degree in Psychology and masters degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology respectively.

The heart of Cierra’s work is always to highlight and elevate the beauty, diversity, capability and creativity of individuals be it through her work as an artist or her work in the healing community. She believes people innately have the tools to heal themselves and she offers a helping hand using strength and evidence based approaches to foster healing and change.

Cierra has facilitated group therapy and workshops with college students  discussing the development of emotional intelligence and the impact that trauma and adverse childhood experiences have on the development and transitioning into adulthood.  She has also done counseling work along the east coast where she provided services at several in-person and virtual video gaming conferences.

Her advocacy work continues as a mentor and educator who has facilitated workshops with other educators addressing their struggles with managing and advocating for youth mental health in educational spaces.  In this role she has shared techniques with can be used to create safe spaces for youth.

Cierra believes empathy is the first step in creating healing and safe spaces and works diligently to embody this in her daily life.