Kathleen Rohm, Director of Intuitive Eating

Kathleen Rohm, Director of Intuitive Eating

Kathleen Rohm is the Director of Rebellious Wellness Counseling’s Intuitive Eating program.  Kathleen carries a B.A. in History, although her experience is vast.  She is dynamic and passionate and brings those qualities to each and everyone she meets. She is extremely  talented and has received many accolades as a coach and trainer during her 15 year tenure at Weight Watchers.

It is with her years of health coaching and her wealth of knowledge that supports behavior change in clients. Kathleen brings compassion, kindness, warmth, and authenticity to every meeting. Her approach is tailored to each person and she supports every step towards a healthier life.

She  is well aware that a well trained, compassionate, empathic coach can make the difference in either finding your path or sabotaging yourself.  In her personal journey, she has lost 80 pounds and maintained that weight loss through changes in her relationship with food and staying active.

Kathleen is excited to take the first step with you and will be there for  the last step of your journey. She believes the first call is the hardest to make and knows everyone needs and deserves to find and forge their own direction.

Together, Kathleen Rohm and Kathy Miller proudly designed and authored this highly tailored program that seeks to fulfill and meet each clients’ goal.